Monday, 29 December 2014


This is the opening scene to a short film that I have been working on :

I'm considering adding to it.
I feel like it could be it's own body of work without anything added.
On the other hand , I feel the need to cut out the unnecessary parts of this sequence to get the film off to an interesting start , in such a way that will captivate the audience.
I have three options;
1. To continue to work on this project and develop this character further.
2. Make a serious of short introductory sequences similar to this one and release as interconnecting  character profiles for one short film.
3.Abandon and start something new.

Any thoughts?

Another issue is the name of the character- I see her as Margot , however if I call her Margot I don't want to seem as though I'm making a very pale attempt at a Wes Anderson style directorial.
{due to the name of one of his characters , Margot Tenenbaum}
I don't want to look like a wannabe.
Although I guess I sort of am , I love Wes and all of his films.

I have decided in the last two minutes to stick with name.I don't care what people say , I'm making this film for me.
For self expression and creativity.To put myself out there , open to criticisms.
I say this all at the risk of sounding like a pretentious twat.
Also , if you have any queries feel free to email me at :

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Hi ,How Are You?

Hey there world!
 I'm Kate.I'm 15 and I'm from Liverpool.
I previously poured my artistic and cultural ideas into my blog , "A Shopaholic's Vision"- I had been writing since the age of 13. I became tired with this blog and found it constricting as to what I could write due to the fashion-heavy connotations with the name.This is a new start. My posts will vary in frequency and subjects.
 I feel as though this new domain will allow me to explore differing areas of art including film ,fashion, music and photography .I want to start again.Be alive with new ideas.Create art and enjoy doing it , rather than seeing it as a task to keep my few readers interested.Despite my now boredom with my aforementioned blog I have to say blogging allowed me to delve into new creative means , people and ideas. 
With the formality of introductions over , I can start writing something that might actually be  worth your time reading.
Meanwhile , here are some totally bitchin' tunes you can jam to :

And because of this post's title I have to include at least one song from Daniel Johnston (who is a really great musician and all round great guy)'s album , Hi, how are you? :

P.S - you can have a lil look at my past works ( if you wanna know more about me

That picture isn't me btw it's a still from the short film I'm making and I cannot seem to get rid of it.