Monday, 23 February 2015

Keep Healthy! Avoid Fashion!

Xiao Li's A/W15 show provoked different responses yesterday morning - taking a closer look at  mass consumerism,  questioning the effects of fashion in today's society and creating a genuinely interesting and innovative collection.
Predominately using dark purples , blues and pops of neon  orange I felt that the restriction of colour only added to the appeal of the show.
I was intrigued by the shape and fit of  the garments: that seemed to simply hang off the models in such a beautiful and artistic way.I loved the ironic use of the " Keep Healthy! Avoid Fashion!" slogan emblazoned onto many of the pieces.
I think that the contrast between the silicon and heavy knitted fabric was really quite special-the mixture of these materials created quite a futuristic feel.
      I also liked the balance of masculine/ feminine energy as both women and men walked the runway.
I admired that Xiao Li had begun to look at mass consumerism; it surrounds the fashion industry yet it is a widely avoided subject by designers as not to upset the industry's "elders".
To be honest I don't fully know the meaning behind this show but that is what I have drawn from it - I think it would be really interesting to hear what Xiao Li herself would say about her collection. 
        I'm looking forward to seeing what Xiao Li does next and wish her all the best in her future works.

I would like to thank Xiao Li and her press team for inviting me down to London for the show but unfortunately  , I couldn't make it due to the overwhelming amount of preparation that is required for my GCSE art exam tomorrow.
I am in the midst of extreme procrastination  - hence this post.
This is the song i'm probably relating to the most right now:


Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So I haven't written since the end of last year -I've been preoccupied with art coursework and other general school shenanigans .
I have decided to discontinue "Margot" and leave it as a singular body of work.I am considering creating a similar piece in the upcoming future though.
Despite the constant disappointment this blog has become , I do have various photographs for you guys to enjoy. This is mostly just a mash up of generic pictures of art in galleries and lame impromptu pics of my friends.There is pretty much no theme to this post or purpose , just to let you know this blog is still in use.
ATTENTION!!! I have a tumblr now so even more opportunity for me to irritate you online:

 Love you guys for actually reading/observing,