Thursday, 11 June 2015

Liverpool School of Art and Design Degree Show

The Liverpool School of Art and Design's 2015 degree show combines a variety of disciplines including Architecture , Graphic Design & Illustration , Fashion and Fine Art. I had a wander round today and photographed some of my favourite pieces.
The building itself allowed large amounts of natural light to enter the spacious gallery , adding a relatively unusual quality to my pictures (as I'm used to generally artificially lit galleries).

Graphic Design and Illustration

I was drawn to the bold colourful canvases of Sana Iqbal's "Impossible until Done" , her works demand attention with an initially simplistic concept and use of bright colours , find out more here.

A series of posca pen illustrations by Lois Tierney are inspired by the Czechoslovakian film 'Daisies', the mustards and pale blues compliment each other really quite beautifully.To learn more about this artist , visit here .

I forgot to make a note of the artists of the following works , but I really loved the way the light complimented the black and white portrait-of-sorts with the face replaced by flowers.

Fine Art

I found the Fine Art rooms as some of the most limited , I think this may be due to me missing out a room as it felt like there were only a few students' work on display.
However , there were a few stand out pieces - some paintings and others more obscure mediums. 

I know very little about this piece , but I do know that it was the perfect importunity to photograph the bottom half of my outfit.The space was painted matte black with a single spotlight on the mirror - it kind of made me feel as though I was in an oil painting for some reason.


It pains me to say this ,but I was disappointed with the Fashion Exhibition - it was almost completely magazine editorials and no physical clothes , it felt that the room was more about the photography than the clothing itself.
Despite the clever use of space for a two dimensional medium (photographs) , it seemed unclear to me what clothes were being showcased.
I did however , love the sculpture at the front of the room covered by plants and what I believed to be a headdress.
I realise now that I should have been present for the Catwalk Presentation when graduate's work was on full display in order to get a real idea of the work put in.


As impressive as all the planning and development pages of the architecture students' work was , I was mostly drawn to the sculptural elements of their exhibitions.I have an extremely limited knowledge of architecture and left with an idea of the sheer volume of work and planning that is required to design these innovative buildings.

I understand that I've been largely quite critical of the work , but as a whole I found it really eye-opening.
It's really great to see new waves of artists and designers and their ideas displayed on such a large scale.The exhibition is on until 12th June - there's only one day left to see it , but I would highly recommend having a look , you could spend from just 20 minutes having a quick glance at some of the work on offer or you could spend a whole afternoon fully  absorbing the artistic expression surrounding you.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Teenage kicks

Summer officially started today for me , all my exams are now over and I have a three-month-long holiday ahead of me.
After my morning History exam , I went to the park with a bunch of my friends , bought a ton of food from Tesco and set about lighting a disposable barbecue.In the midst of the often chaotic and temperamental flames , there was tree climbing , long-boarding and sunbathing.It was such a beautiful day I only felt it necessary to document it in photographs , I picked some of the best :

I'm planning on updating this blog more often over the coming weeks , so expect an overload of articles and photographs coming your way.