Saturday, 9 May 2015

Group Therapy:Mental Distress in a Digital Age

Exams are imminent ,so I've almost completely neglected my new space on the internet. 
So recently I was involved in a really exciting exhibition currently on show at FACT. A group of us worked with artist Erica Scourti to create a piece for the exhibition, called "Group Therapy:Mental Distress in a Digital Age" , that we felt expressed impacts of technology on young people's mental health.It was really interesting to watch our creative processes which resulted in our final piece , "Past Sharing". 
Due to the overwhelming amount of work I have to complete , I've got to be really brief.
But there's a short film explaining our part of the exhibition in more detail , I'm a in the film but I sound kinda confused for the vast majority of it , as the interview itself was unexpected.

The exhibition really interesting and different  and I would strongly recommend you go to see it, especially Labyrinth Psychotica - I was lost in there for at least 20 minutes.You'll have to go see it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about ,you will literally be overwhelmed by it.
"Group Therapy:Mental Distress in a Digital Age" is on at FACT until the 17th May , it has a ton on really innovative pieces that are as interactive as they are beautiful.Displaying IMG_2106.JPG

Displaying IMG_2097.JPG

Displaying IMG_2110.JPG

Displaying IMG_2115.JPG

Displaying IMG_2124.JPG

Sincere apologies for the very low quality pictures that were taken on my phone because I forgot my camera.
I'll write so much over the summer that you'll be sick of me , but for now I've got to do some intense revision before exams.

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