Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I visited the Liverpool Bluecoat the other day to see their current group exhibition on display:"RESOURCE" , with work from Clay Arlington, Jack Brindley, Ben Cain, Maurice Carlin, Daniel Eatock, Sean Edwards, Anne Harild with Blue Room, Jonzo, Laurence Payot, The Piracy Project, The Serving Library and Ian Whittlesea.
I took some pictures:

Some of the pieces were quite interesting , and required a close look. The volunteers there were really friendly and helpful , one even explained each piece in one of the larger rooms to me.' RESOURCE ' is a free exhibition   at The Bluecoat until 27th September .

 In other news, I got my ears pierced recently , something that I had been meaning to do since the age of around 12 . I went to a  lovely piercing , tattoo and beauty studio called The Painted Ladies. The studio itself was immaculately decorated and all the staff made me feel very welcome and most of all at ease (considering the impending destruction of my earlobe).
 I wish I had taken pictures to show you how pretty the place was , I was surrounded by vintage record players , kitsch couches and dainty tea cups.To top it all off they gave me an after care package which was so adorable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering getting a piercing in the near future.


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