Tuesday, 11 August 2015

X-men , Nu-rave and The Gruffalo : An interview with the Typical Freaks

Typical Freaks is an exciting new conceptual street wear brand made up of Central Saint Martin's Graduate , Seun Ade-Onojob and London College of Fashion Graduate , Sonia Xiao : together they aim to cater to those who long to stand out in bold and colourful , hand-crafted garments made with love and integrity .
I love everything about this brand  - the loud prints , adorable a-line skirts, the transparent tunic dresses  and the way the seem to bring a subtle feeling of  nostalgia to their pieces.
I decided to get in touch with these innovative designers and ask them a few questions about what its like to be the Typical Freaks.
Seun and Sonia talk X-men , The Gruffalo and Nu-Rave ( as well as other things that hold relevance)

I read that some your garments derive from 'the nostalgia of children’s books' - if Typical Freaks lived in a children's book , which one would it be?
The Gruffalo.

I also read that both of you were prominent designers in the 'Nu-rave scene during the mid-2000s' , could you explain what exactly Nu-Rave is and what was it like?
Nu-Rave was about being bright and exuberant and incorporating as many disjointed DIY and outlandish elements. It was about revitalising and re-interpreting 90s Rave culture into a new way that forced you to be fearless and confident.

Model: Edyta WillimMUA: Maria GomezSpecial thanks to: thisisfred.co.ukJonathan Aston

What do you like the most(and the least) about working in fashion?
Most - 
The process of developing a collection from research to design and then looking back at then end and realising how far you've come. 
Worst -
 The pressures of trying to sell, make something commercially viable and networking.

Who would your dream model/spokes person be?
Kelis/ Roisin Murphy

What do you see the future of 'Typical Freaks' being?
Hopefully continuing to improve and getting more stockists.

Model: Edyta WillimMUA: Maria GomezSepcial thanks tothisisfred.co.ukJonathan Aston

Model: Edyta WillimMUA: Maria GomezSpecial thanks to: thisisfred.co.ukJonathan Aston

If you two were designing clothes for a movie , what would the movie be about?
It would be about X-Men and would be directed by Edgar Wright. It would be really silly and colourful. 

Model: Edyta WillimMUA: Maria GomezSpecial thanks to: thisisfred.co.ukJonathan Aston

Could you briefly sum up your AW15 collection?
It's about conservative values and hobbies like politics and dog shows combined with punk, bright colours and streaking.

 Model: Edyta WillimMUA: Maria GomezSpecial thanks to: thisisfred.co.ukJonathan Aston

And how can we get hold of your beautiful clothes??
Our mainline AW15 collection is sold in a few boutiques in China, but will hopefully on our own website within the next couple of months. Our diffusion label, 'White Label' is on Depop.

I found this really great shoot for After Nyne  with Ted Rogers wearing some of their clothes on their Instagram - you should definitely check it out. 

Thanks so much to the Typical Freaks for allowing me to ask them a few questions to get a better feel for the brand and their ideologies , if you want to find out more visit here.


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